Be a Pageant Bombshell and take the title at Ponds Femina Miss India 2014, Indian Diva 2014, Gladrags Mrs. India 2014 and Gladrags Megamodel 2014 Contestant



 We all know her…that sultry woman that gets the attention of every man, unknowingly while she’s just taking in the world around her. That symbol of smoldering female sensuality.

Bombshells have a known charm to them, but this does take practice. It’s having this calmness in every situation. It shows you’re in control, and you don’t get uptight easily. Bombshells are not divas, nor are they self important, however, they love themselves as they are, and fully accept their flaws, physical or personality wise.

 Bombshells are engaging and caring. Always thinking of others, completely sensitive, a bombshell is a people person, perfectly willing to share her love and bare her soul. You need to make other people at ease with you as they are with themselves.

The Tiara can help you with a winning walk, stance, and attitude!

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