Organize yourself for  Miss Diva  2014 /2015/2016/2017/2018



    Pageants can Imagebe glamorous and fun, but if you want to win one, YOU MUST BE ORGANIZED!! Keeping the different pageant systems straight, paperwork, wardrobe and a job or school can be a royal pain!! (No pun intended!) Time management is essential, and the pageant biz thrives on networking. Understand WHY you are competing, what you hope to gain from it, how you will learn from it and what sacrifices you are willing to make to achieve success in it. Your internal self-image is vitally important!!! YOU will be the one up there on that stage and in that interview, and you must believe in yourself, even when no one else will.


     Block out others negative attitudes and develop a positive inner voice. Use visualization techniques to “see” yourself on stage or in judge’s interviews and become comfortable with those things. Set small, specific goals and reach for them on a daily basis, whether that involves fitness or researching your platform. Realize that you are working toward a CONSISTENT IMAGE, and be able to tie together all of the contest elements in your mind to reach that consistency. Since we are talking about how to present yourself, we should touch on POISE. Poise is the ability to present yourself and handle any situation in a graceful, elegant manner; in other words, Grace under Pressure. At The Tiara you will learn how to tackle pressure, perform under extreme stress and showcase your abilities and talents beautifully.


     Showmanship involves your walk, posture, facial expression, eyes and smile, and we will discuss those in detail in this article. I always tell my clients that, as a pageant contestant, you have a job…your ‘job’ is to make the judges and the audiences feel wonderful. We teach you to showcase yourself brilliantly at The Tiara.


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