You’re Always a Queen Once You win FBB Femina Miss India 2018/2019/2020 , Miss Diva 2018/2019/2020 , Gladrags Megamodel 2018/2019/2020 , Gladrags Mrs. India 2018/2019/2020 Mrs India Earth 2018/2019/2020, Mrs India Queen of Substance 2018/2019/2020



People can never take being a queen away from you if you always conduct yourself like a queen. A lot of girls have difficulty losing the attention and glamour that can come with being a titleholder, but there’s no reason you have to give those things up. You can dress in an evening gown to get groceries and trust me; there will be plenty of glamour and attention. But seriously, there’s no reason to stop behaving like a queen or believing that you are one because you gave up a title. If you’re basing how you feel about yourself on other people’s opinions and subjective titles, you’re not going to be very happy. Always act like you’re wearing a crown, even if it is invisible.

Contact us on 9823156193 Showmanship involves your walk, posture, facial expression, eyes and smile and we will discuss those in detail in this article. I always tell my clients that, as a pageant contestant, you have a job…your ‘job’ is to make the judges and the audiences feel wonderful. We teach you to showcase yourself brilliantly at The Tiara.

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