The Tiara Pageant Question of the Day  Which one would you prefer to be : Solid, Liquid or Gas?soldliquidgasPageant Prep for Miss India/Diva & Mrs India  2020/21/22/23/24/24/26/27/28/29/30instagraminstagoodjaipurgoaahmedabadguwahatikolkatabengaluruchandigarhgurgaonjammusrinagarindorelucknowhyderabadpune #mumbai #maharashtravishakhapatnammissindia2021 #missindia2020thetiarapageantquestionseries #thepageantsisterhoodThe Tiara doesn’t believe in online training or remote learning. It simply cannot replace the actual Pageant Training experience. However our endeavor will be to help you stay in touch with our Pageant Help duringFor any queries DM or contact ritika.ramtri@gmail.


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