Pageant Coaching for the Exquisite Beauties of Chhattisgarh for fbb Femina Miss India 2017/2018, Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva 2017/2018, India’s Next Top Model 2017/2018, Miss Earth India 2017/2018, Mrs. Earth India 2017 / 2018, Mrs. India Queen of Substance 2017 /2018 & Gladrags Mrs. India 2017/2018.

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Whether you are from Raipur, Chirmiri Hill Station, Deobalod, Jagdalpur, Kawardha, Hajra, Bilaspur, Chirmiri Hill Station, Bacheli, Mainpat,  Kumhari, Durg, Mainpat, Tirathgarh, Simla of Chhattisgarh,  Gariaband , Champaran, Turturiya, Naman Bastar, Ram Jharna, Gomarda, Sarangarh, Sirpur, Reserve Forest Kondagaon, Rajnandgaon, Gariaband, Sirpur, Jashpur, Narpura, Tandola, Balod, Bhilai Steel Plant, Ghunchapali, Baghbahra, Tandula, Kunkuri, Jashpur, Barsoor, Ratanpur, Durg, and Champa or anywhere in Chhattisgarh you are blessed with great features and should be the next fbb Femina Miss India 2017/2018, Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva 2017/2018, India’s Next Top Model 2017/2018 , Mrs. India Worldwide 2017/2018 & Gladrags Mrs. India 2017/2018. Groom yourself at The Tiara.


Don’t let location stop you from getting professional pageant training. We have 1 Month, 15 Day and 7 Day crash courses. We also help with accommodation.
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Audition for FBB Femina Miss India 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 and Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020

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Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Patna, Ranchi, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Chennai, Guwahati, Indore, Lucknow, Shimla, Dehradun and Regional Auditions to be conducted in Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, City Pageants: BANGALORE (Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore), KOLKATA (Ranchi, Patna and Guwahati)  and MUMBAI (Final round of Auditions) with The Tiara

A beauty queen can stand in heels, holding a trophy in each hand, and remain as balanced as a statue. She can put her weight on one elbow and look elegant. She can bend low like bamboo in the wind, or lie on her back and look like an angel in repose. The fact is, beauty queens — real beauty queens — are different from the crowd. And a big part of the difference is in the way they hold themselves, the way they carry themselves. They have a grace, sensuality, a coiled energy that makes them unforgettable. Pageant people used to call it “poise,” a mysterious quality that included just enough confidence, just enough modesty, just enough dignity, and just enough playfulness. Nowadays, people call it star quality. Be elegance personified. Coach yourself at The Tiara.

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You’re Always a Queen Once You win FBB Femina Miss India 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 , Miss Diva 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 , Gladrags Megamodel 22015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 , Gladrags Mrs. India 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 , Indian Princess 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 , Mrs. India Worldwide 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 , May Queen 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 , Navy Queen 2014/ 2015, Miss North India 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 , Kingfisher Calendar Girls 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020


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People can never take being a queen away from you if you always conduct yourself like a queen. A lot of girls have difficulty losing the attention and glamour that can come with being a titleholder, but there’s no reason you have to give those things up. You can dress in an evening gown to get groceries and trust me; there will be plenty of glamour and attention. But seriously, there’s no reason to stop behaving like a queen or believing that you are one because you gave up a title. If you’re basing how you feel about yourself on other people’s opinions and subjective titles, you’re not going to be very happy. Always act like you’re wearing a crown, even if it is invisible.

Contact us on 9823156193 Showmanship involves your walk, posture, facial expression, eyes and smile and we will discuss those in detail in this article. I always tell my clients that, as a pageant contestant, you have a job…your ‘job’ is to make the judges and the audiences feel wonderful. We teach you to showcase yourself brilliantly at The Tiara.

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Continually Improve and Win FBB Femina Miss India 2015 /2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 Powered by Neutrogena, , Miss Diva 2015 /2016/2017/2018/2019/2020, Gladrags Megamodel 2015 /2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 and Gladrags Mrs. India 2015 /2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 , Indian Princess 2015 /2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 , Mrs. India Worldwide 2015 /2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 Miss North India 2015 /2016/2017/2018/2019/2020


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It’s all about continual improvement. You work hard to be your very best at the moment you are competing; and at that moment, you may be at your best. Based on your training, resources, and time available to you, you were at a peak. But, life is never stagnant. You can always make the best better. Tomorrow you’ll learn something new and that will help you move forward and become even better. I’m sure when the first car was invented; some people thought it couldn’t get any better than that. There is always something we can improve on if we stay in the growing mode. Are there really secrets and tips to preparing and winning a pageant? After all, everybody says “just be you.” After doing this for decades, my answer is, yes, you must be yourself; but there are secrets and tips about each system that you must learn in order to be the best “YOU” you can be at the pageant.

Classes are conducted by The Tiara. Whether you are a new or experienced contestant, The Tiara can help you improve your confidence in pageants and your performance in the interview, talent, swimsuit and evening gown competitions. If you’re serious about your pageant career… If you want to be the one to float down the runway in the crown, while the other girls just look on… Then don’t wait.


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Prepare for Miss India Delhi and Miss Diva Delhi with The Tiara- The Number One Miss India Training Institute in the Country

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Merry X’mas from The Tiara. On this blessed day announcing Apeksha Porwal’s ( who Trained at The Tiara for Miss Teen International 2009)  win at FBB Femina Miss India Delhi 2015. Tiara girl Aaital Khosla reached  Top 6 .

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Enroll at The Tiara Miss India Training Academy for the Miss India and Miss Diva Pageants 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020
Course Details
• Filling up Forms and Registration Help
• Developing a Pageant Strategy
• Pageant & Ramp Walk
• Personality & Grooming
• Posture & Poise.
• Camera Facing Techniques & Portfolio Assistance ( Professional Portfolio Not Included)
• Public Speaking &Voice Modulation
• Modeling Technique & Body Language
• Making a Positive First Impression
• Wardrobe Analysis & Customized Wardrobe Assistance
• Diet, Nutrition & Fitness Assistance
. Confidence Building
• Mental Preparation
• Question Handling (Preliminary Round, Prejudging, On Stage and One-on-One)
• Personalize your answers so that you sound original
• Connecting with the Judges and Handling the Stage
• Platform Development
Don’t be dismayed if you find that we are at Pune. You deserve the help of a Pageant professional; don’t let location stand in the way of your dream. Assistance with accommodation provided. Limited seats. Reserve your spot now!

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